Monday, 2 September 2013

DAY 17: Stolen Ifor Williams trailer found during multi-agency op at Knowl Hill, Maidenhead

Police officers pull over vehicles of interest like commercial vans, flat bed trucks and lorries
 Windsor and Maidenhead Local Policing Area also held a multi-agency ANPR operation with Datatag and VOSA last week.

Vehicles drive onto the ANPR checkpoint
Throughout the day there were 9 hits for a mixture of traffic related issues. Vehicles with no tax or no insurance were stopped and dealt with.

Checks are carried out to ensure they are legal or not stolen property

Datatag’s Nick Mayall patrolled with PC Probert from the Maidenhead area and identified an Ifor Williams trailer which looked like it could be stolen. The trailer was brought back to the ANPR check site and after a few enquiries was confirmed to have been stolen from Surrey in 2005 and worth approximately
£2000. The trailer has been seized and enquiries will be carried out to get the trailer back to the rightful owner.
VOSA carried out their vehicle checks from a vehicle road worthiness point of view.
All in all a productive day for the team!

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