Tuesday, 17 September 2013

DAY 31: South Oxfordshire and the Vale team visit local farms and attend report of hare coursing

Yesterday, in the first day of their summer phase of the 100 days of action, officers in the South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse policing area spent the day visiting farms giving out tailored crime prevention advice for specific farms, signing people up to the alerts messaging systems and property marking.
During the visits there were four incidents called in which required an immediate ‘blues and twos’ response, including one suspected hare coursing incident.
At around 7.20pm, residents in Steventon reported two men with dogs in fields. The team did an area search but could not find the men, one dead hare was found though. See our blog post about reporting hare coursing or listen to our podcast.
Postcoding valuable property is a useful security measure
Signing people up to the alerts messaging system has been one of the key elements of the policing work which has been going on over the summer. The system allows the police to share vital information like crime or suspicious incidents which happen in a specific area, instantly to the people who need to know about it.
Sending out instant crime alerts like this to people in specific areas means residents can be aware of what is happening in their area and report to 101 if they see something suspicious, which all makes catching the offenders quicker and easier! The more people signed up to the alerts system, the more efficient it will be.
Numbers for the South and Vale's acitivity for yesterday are:
·         63 farm visits
·         25 people provided with general crime prevention advice
·         148 people signed up to Thames Valley/ Country Watch Alerts
·         20 Country Watch gate signs delivered
·         18 Country Watch crime prevention packs handed out
·         1 piece of horse tack marked
·         7 pieces of valuable property marked with Selecta DNA or CRE Mark

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