Wednesday, 11 September 2013

DAY 23: Police officers in Aylesbury patrol off road and visit 667 houses

The team set off in the police 4x4s to patrol the off road areas around the Buckingham villages yesterday.
Patrolling off road
Meanwhile the PCSOs and Aylesbury Vale District Council visited 667 houses in the villages around Cheddington and signed up 154 to the alerts messaging system.
An ANPR operation set up on the Bedfordshire border flagged up 38 vehicles of interest to police out of the 2005 vehicles which drove past. These were all for traffic offences such as no insurance and all were pulled over and dealt accordingly.
PCSOs and AVDC set off to visit residents around Cheddington

ANPR on the Bedfordshire border

Day 23 ended with an evening talk at a school in Buckingham about wildlife crime. Hare coursing and poaching are both rural crime priorities for Thames Valley Police to tackle.
It is now the time of year when hare coursers and poachers become a real problem for the farmers and landowners in the area and police officers are encouraging anyone who sees suspicious activity or thinks people may be poaching or hare coursing to report it to police straight away.
What to look out for:
·         Groups of vehicles parked up in a gateway, bridle path, farm tracks or grass verges, anywhere rural!
·         There will usually be estate cars, 4x4s or vans. You may see evidence that there have been dogs inside the cars like muddy paw prints or dog hairs
·         Hare coursers often travel in convoy with transit vans and the front and back and the cars in the middle
·         Lights or torches at night in wooded areas or across fields could be a sign of someone illegally hunting
·         Hare coursing tends to start after harvest (end of August, beginning of September) but it can continue up until Christmas.
If anyone sees any of the above, even if you think it’s probably nothing, call police on 101 straight away.
Participants of hare coursing and poaching do not consider the land they are trespassing on. Their vehicles ruin land and crops which can cost the land owner a lot of money.

Visiting a farm in Shalstone

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