Tuesday, 17 December 2013

DAY 44: PCSOs continue to visit farms in the West Oxfordshire area and security mark tools and equipment

Friday (13/12) saw the Banbury Rural team head out to a wood yard near Hook Norton and a farm in Clifton who have both been victims of crime within the last 12 months.

As well as offering some general crime prevention advice the officers, armed with a CRE-Mark pen, were able to security mark some valuable tools and equipment to improve security around the premises.
CRE (Crime Reduction Enterprise) products are used to deter thieves and prevent property from being stolen using the overt property marking technique. 

Using CRE-Mark silver marker pens to security code valuable tools and equipment

The CRE-Mark silver marker is used to write your postcode and house number of first two letters of your house name in a clear and obvious place on your property. The marker is permanent, visible to would be thieves and if your property does happen to get stolen, the items are easily traceable back to the rightful owners.

Officers who are visiting farms over the next few weeks are also offering to go through a farm security assessment. The security assessment is for farm owners, managers, employees and land owners to help them improve the security of their premises. 

The security assessment has been put together by Thames Valley Police’s crime prevention and reduction advisors and contains advice on low cost security solutions in a common sense approach.

In the assessment you will find crime prevention advice about:

  • Controlling access to farms
  • Tools
  • Metal theft
  • Agricultural machinery protection
  • Field security
  • Livestock
  • Wildlife crime
  • Out buildings
  • Home security

You can now view and download the farm security assessment from the Thames Valley Police website 

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