Tuesday, 17 December 2013

DAYS 45 AND 46: Cherwell and West Oxfordshire host tack marking weekend

As part of the100 days of action campaign tacking rural crime in Cherwell & West Oxfordshire the team hosted two events over the weekend for members of the public in the local area to get their tack marked.  

On Saturday (14/12) the team attended Countrywide Farmers and marked a total of 14 items and also have details of local farmers who would like their equipment marked in the new year. 

So far the team have 30 saddles lined up to be tack marked in the new year. On Sunday (15/12) the team attended Fernhill Farm in Milcombe for some more tack marking as well as hosting the tack marking event in Bicester. 

Security marking a saddle at Countrywide

Horse tack, trailers and horse boxes are regularly targeted by thieves. Marking tack is something that could help to deter a would-be thief. Thieves are less likely to steal valuable tack that can be traceable to an owner.

If you would like information about marking saddles with a unique transponder, please visit the Datatag website.

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  1. That is a great idea considering that these types are regularly targeted by thieves. It is a great way to protect horse tracks, trailers or horse boxes. Thieves are simply everywhere and can strike anywhere at any time and it would be a really great idea to protect them by coming up with markings. That way, it will deter thieves or owners will be able to trace their valuable tacks.