Thursday, 20 March 2014

DAY 89: Illegal and counterfeit pesticides

Thames Valley Police is currently investigating the distribution and use of illegal pesticides, including counterfeits, across Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. 

Illegal pesticides have been found in increasing amounts across the UK and Europe and Thames Valley Police has a particular interest in illegal pesticides, not just because of the risks they pose to the rural communities, but also the links they have to organised crime gangs. There is growing evidence that the illicit activities of such gangs finance other serious crimes such as human trafficking and international terrorism. 

If you notice anything suspicious about pesticides you have either been offered or purchased, please call the 24-hour non-emergency number 101 and mention 'Operation Silo'.
Things to look out for:                                                                                                               
  • Does the product look or smell unusual?
  • Have you been offered a product which has been described as the same as another but at a discounted rate?
  • Have you been sold a product because your first choice was ‘out of stock’?
  • Do you have any feelings that a product you have bought isn’t quite right? Are there any unusual symptoms or irregularities (clog spray jets/nozzles etc)?
  • Is the packaging unusual or not what you would expect?
The NFU, NFU Mutual, CLA, English Heritage, Sainsbury’s, police forces and the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network are among the organisations supporting the campaign.

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