Monday, 24 March 2014

DAY 90: Metal theft advice, Wallingford

On 24 March police were called to a farm in Cholsey, Wallingford where a long iron girder was stolen.

Investigations are still ongoing.

The theft of metal is a problem, driven by the price of metal on world markets. We strongly recommend that you review the security of your property. Please consider the crime prevention advice in this section to protect your property against metal theft.

In recent years, metal thefts in the Thames Valley have included:

  • Lead, copper and stainless steel roof coverings 
  • Bay window roofs and roof flashings 
  • Lead and copper rainwater pipes 
  • Bronze statues 
  • Metal garden ornaments 
  • Iron gates 
  • Church bells 
  • Catalytic converters from cars and commercial vehicles

Find out how best to protect your property from metal theft on our website.

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