Friday, 28 March 2014

DAY 94: Marlow officers meet rural residents

Marlow officers were out and about today meeting some of our rural residents, advice was offered to the human ones about security for their equipment and belongings.  The following information isn’t just for our rural areas but could also be considered by all.

General advice:

  • Where possible install fuel tanks within secure buildings or cages made from a material resistant to attack
  • Thieves may stake-out your property in advance by making up an excuse to call round. Try to take a note of their registration number and report the incident to police
  • Never advertise that you are away by leaving notes for tradesmen or delivery drivers
  •  Ensure you have adequate insurance cover
  •   Keep up to date on crime trends by joining Countrywatch
  • When you are away, ask neighbours and friends to keep an eye on your property and be prepared to do the same for them    
  • Take down registration numbers of suspicious vehicles and report suspicious activity to police immediately.
Officers have also continued to visit golf clubs marking up equipment making it more undesirable to thieves.  If you have anything that you would like security marked please contact your local team.

An operation is being carried out as I type in the woodland area around High Wycombe this is to stop the anti-social riding of motorbikes through the woodland and open areas which can cause distress to persons trying to enjoy the area. More information on this tomorrow. 

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